The Fate of his Faith

Another typhoon struck our province, and then again, it left us with so many burdens. I don’t really know what happened to that for as far as I’m concern, I didn’t have any idea about the coming typhoon. Or I know there is one, but we were not informed well that we will be affected that much.

I would not want to tell something about our present situation now because we’re used to this kind of mess. I mean, what is new about clearing up “muddled” streets (with mud), fixing properties, and many more. News from other parts of the province has reached us telling that there are again lives that had been taken away adding to those who were already on list from the time super typhoon “reming” broke the record of the devastating capacity of typhoons that visited the province.

Of all the ones affected by the typhoon, there are more stories to tell. Like in this story, (which is a bigger picture) there is one small story about one survivor of this calamity.

It was exactly 2:00 in the morning when my father called to wake us up and told us that the flood has now reached the third step of our stairs from the outside.  It was unusual on his part to be calm at that moment because he usually starts the panic. Oh well, so much about that. It was raining hard. It sounded like HUGE raindrops, with all its weight and force.. I’ve thought of it as the one that will crash us out to death, not the strong wind. We were so busy clearing the room for later on, the flood will get in. Minutes after, like the color of the mocha-filled coffee or the coffee mixed with a perfect cream, the flood entered our house. Like a soup that was accidentally spilled, spreading all over the floor. It’s a good thing how our adrenalin’s work in this kind of situation. Everything’s fine. So we just played around for sometime. Moments later, I’ve decided to draw my attention outside. With our fancy door separating us from the vast-looking small flooded compound where we’re in, I heard a familiar noise. In a minute or two, as I was looking for it, I found where the voice was coming from. A CAT. Poor creature. He’s all wet, cold, and maybe, screaming for help. I can’t do a thing. The flood’s reached our neighbor’s tummy as he passed by. I can’t get near the cat. What a horrible feeling I felt in there. I could not ask for any help from my father because he’s busy doing something more important than saving the life of a poor cat… and asking that as a favor from my mother and sister would be more like of a big joke. So I just waited and hoped for sometime for the rain to eventually stop. Like some kind of a miracle that will pass by. But things turned out differently. It rained harder and the wind blew stronger. I could no longer stand near the cat’s view, waiting for its fate there. He was calling now for help. And everybody(neighbors) knew he’s likely to die there later. With all my disappointments and grief, (well, for the cat’s fate) I’ve decided to sleep. Yes, that sleep lasted for few hours… Actually it was long. Maybe because I’m all tired from that early work-to-do. I even had a very bad dream. =0 so much again for that, but as few more hours passed, the rain began to somehow slow down…the wind, not really. The water’s going down too. The very first thing that came out from my mind was “Is the cat still there?” Gosh. I hurriedly climbed down the wet, slippery stairs and amazingly saw him (the cat) still sitting on the floating piece of furniture or something alike. THANK GOD!^^ That little survivor.

Well, I was happy indeed. Not that we were again visited by a typhoon, but in that story, there was a little miracle that must be thanked for despite of everything. You see, people might be all stressed out from what has been happening. They tend to forget about the fact that there are still little things to see, and that God was never away.

The cat taught me that a little faith could get me through, even at times when nobody would lend a helping hand. That God is always there for help and He would never let me live all through this life without Him.

It was only an inch for a realization… Simple as it is, but it gave me an assurance that though things might get against the odds, I’ll never get lost nor left behind.


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