Being Humane to Humanity

I’m a volunteer at the Philippine Red Cross, Legazpi City Chapter, Philippines.

I volunteered because I used to do this kind of stuffs even before. (Both elementary and high school) It was more like of a calling. That even though my parents were really not allowing me to do this, I still managed to explain myself reasonably. It was not a waste of time. It’s giving my little time to those who needs my help.

My Red Cross ID Patch.

I.D. – OPERATION MAYON 2010, Volunteer. 
Meeting at OpCen before the Operation for Assignments
The Folding bed Girls.. =) This is the area where the hospital was built. Well, not really a real one. It was made of “trapal” but a big one. A very big one. And there were cool hospital beds (folded) and some other equipments. =)
Gathering data with my co-RCY volunteers.
This place was memorable. I was having my interview with a group of residents inside their assigned room when I’ve learned in the middle of our talk that one of  them was diagnosed of having TB and actually experienced hemoptysis a day before our area survey. O_o
One function of the Nurse: Health Educator 🙂
Health teaching about Dengue with Ate Kim. =)
Inside the mini-hospital..
COORDINATION. PRC coordinates with the Province’s AHEM.
One little volunteer, Viola, Ate Kim and Ces.
A proof that through helping, you will be blessed. That day, PRC don’t have enough budget for our meals. Fortunately, our food was paid by a co-RCY..(adult) =) He wasn’t part of the operation. He learned that we’re all Red Cross volunteers, that’s why he was pleased to meet us and was even grateful to our dedication as volunteers. ^^ I’m proud to be one of them.
At Jollibee. ^_^ Slight Budget. Hehehe
At Shakey’s. =)) With lotsa budget. 
Kuya Edward, Sir Garry, Ate kim, Ces and Ate Cha.
This was when Sec. Gordon visited Albay. (See next photos)
The TRUCK. I as the Photographer. ><
Water Containers
A resident helping us to carry the Relief Goods
Distribution.. =) with Sec. Gordon beside me.
After the Operation.. =) TIRED, but worth it.

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