Something for Some People

The disturbance that was created by the alarm feature of my cellular phone was just enough to awaken me from my deep slumber. As much I wanted to sleep some more, I have no other choice but to force my body to get up and ready myself for the day. It’s already half past five in the morning and still I can hardly see even a single ray of the sun. The misty wind that passed through my open windows gently caressed my face. It felt so wonderful, sign of a beautiful day ahead.

I felt good despite my 7:00 am schedule. It seemed a worry free morning. I was happy to realize over and over again that I wasn’t preparing for a busy day in school anymore, not even for a stressful duty with our fastidious clinical instructors and some of my indescribable groupmates. I woke up to face the real world in the medical institution where I am currently working as a fully-fledged registered nurse. Yes, I am now a nurse.

I was riding my way to the hospital when the vehicle passed by my former alma mater, the university where I received my diploma as proof that I’ve successfully finished my 4 years of wonderful journey as a nursing student. I felt a different joy in my heart, Somehow, I felt proud. All the memories of my happy as well as gloomy days in the university came rushing back to me… a nice time to reminisce.

Where did everything really start? How did my decisions create a challenging twist in my life back when I was still a student? And how was I able to triumphantly land where I am now? I found myself in deep retrospection.

When I was deciding for the 2 courses I am to take in Bicol University, I only put BS Nursing as my second choice and BS Biology as my priority, since I was really determined to enter the field of medicine that time. But realizing that my mother cannot bear to sustain my financial needs should I pursue my scheme, I was made to decide on the idea of taking BS Nursing instead. Though I met some kind of difficulties on the process, I was blessed to own a slot. I admit, at the outset, I didn’t really have a heart for the course. I’ve set myself already for something I really wanted and so it became quite hard for me to easily divert my interest into Nursing. I wasn’t that prepared then. Despite the little passion I had for the course, I still continued with my life as a nursing student. I was glad all turned out well. I disregarded the feeling of frustration and just focused on studying. I thought I’d stay that way for 4 whole years of stay in Bicol University; but everything changed when I learned about the scholarship that is being offered by the Philippine Nurses Association of Greater Kansas City (PNAGKC). It seemed to us a blessing from above. Knowing that I only come from a not-so-wealthy family, I felt really grateful that there exists a kind of opportunity like this that could be of great help to my studies in terms of my expenses in school.

From then on, I came to realize that I should be more persevering and dedicated to my studies, given that I was still able to pursue such costly course, fortunate enough to have been granted the PNAGKC Scholarship and blessed to have a really supportive family and kindred, who where always there to guide and motivate me in my career path. Being a PNAGKC scholar actually encouraged me more to better my performance. This opportunity opened my eyes and made me realize that whatever discontentment or disappointments you may face in life, you must not miss to see the rare chances that come your way because it might be that in those open doors, and there lies your true path to success. You just have to let things go on their way, so that you may see how everything works in its own wonders. Indeed, life never runs out of opportunities to inspire you, to motivate and encourage you to aim higher, work harder and be what you really want to be in life.

Now that I am already a registered nurse, and starting to practice my learnings in a government hospital here in our province, I am not closing my door to bigger dreams that could further bring out the best in my in my chosen career. I am actually planning to venture in the field of medicine after I earn more than enough experience as a nurse either just in our country or abroad. As long as my passion is continuously burning, I won’t stop reaching for my dreams and dreaming far more than I can.

I am able to speak confidently about this because of everything I’ve learned from the school and university where I completed my education, and most importantly, as a proud PNAGKC Scholar, whose life was touched by the great inspiration that has been given by the association. I owe my achievements primarily to God, and not just to my learning institution, mentors and significant others, but also to the Philippine Nurses Association of Greater Kansas City (PNAGKC) for having been part of my life, my career and my success.

For now I know that there is somehow a little bit of destiny in every chance that you are placed in whatever field you are in, and that would be always considered as an opportunity in order to succeed. What I have and where I am right now would be worthless without the efforts of those who lend a helping hand to ameliorate what has been once a pathless journey this life has set in for me. And the mystery of this life has taught me that God, in times of afflictions, will never let us struggle in this battle alone and that when doubts are stealing much our last hopes, there will be something or someone who’ll come just in time just like super heroes to abet us in our personal struggles.

From the bottom of my heart, and in behalf of my family, especially my mother, thank you very much, Philippine Nurses Association of Greater Kansas City (PNAGKC) and most especially to Ms. Elvie Leone, for patiently helping and inspiring me to this endeavor. May God bless you and your institution for the years to come. More power and Happy Holidays!

Maria Cecilia P. Hular, RN


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