Please Do the Blabbering, Saturday.

It’s so damn hard to realize that you have a lot of things to say but you can’t just burst it out like the tons of water that are utilized, or rather consumed, to  irrigate huge golf courses that hasn’t benefited the human race yet. I just can’t allow things to work out this way, but I’m not going to give a damn trash talk either. Let’s just say there’s one pathetic lass who just want to say something…that’s all.


I’m currently working on this government hospital in our province. Wow. Come to think of it. I’m one of those so-called “fluky” nursing graduates who successfully detached herself from the reality, which I mean the trending instances of jobless and/or underemployed co-graduates of this field. And to completely say I’ve hugged all the luck, I’m currently under the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, an area I used to hate way back when I was still a student. In short, I’m currently working things out ironically. Started it up paradoxically, so I hope it could end up right. For I think it’s just how things should be at first. Hard, then there’s a little bit of disappointment, regret, then suddenly you realized you’re going smoothly, until you’ll wake up you’ve successfully made it.

Counting all the Years to Come

Every time I think of our well made plans (for me of course), it brings a slight twinge in my heart, like it’s being nipped, which makes me want to skip so many steps backward from a moment. Now, I find it hard to believe on what the book says about the whole lifetime we have to spend. It seems like I’m running out of this whole lifetime thing, which gave me the idea that planning is not an effective way to organize your life at the moment. Let’s get back here. Dear, I’m only twenty-one and I’m not yet starting anything so serious in my life. I’ve just started working on my field and I can say that months or even a year isn’t barely enough for a certain profession. I’ve already spent my first three months of my counted years, but I sure have years on a roll to arm myself with enough courage to embrace all the possibilities and opportunities that lies ahead.

Clearing the Purpose

I am now a nurse and yes, I’m still looking for a purpose. I believe it’s a search for a lifetime. It’s true that when you are already on the field, you’ll see the reflection of what your life should be. It is the time when you realize that you can overcome your weaknesses. You’ll know more about yourself , your strengths, and you’ll be able to figure out what you’ll really need in your life. You are also going to filter the people that come into your life, because they can never walk with you all throughout this life. As what they always say, people come and go, and those who’d really want to become a part of your life will stay. It is just a matter of letting things go on their way. You can never hold on to something and/or someone that and/or who shouldn’t be there or doesn’t want to be there. Sometimes, you have to let go to get rid of the trashes and make way for the new stroke of luck to blossom.

Keep in Touch

Hi. How are you? I always ask this phrase whenever I happen to obtain a spare time from my friends on chat from a whole bunch of social networking sites where I’m connected with. But I guess this phrase doesn’t have an impact in this world anymore. It saddens me a lot. I really can’t find a perfect time when I could reach out to all of them and tell them how much I’ve been missing all our conversations, gossiping, food trips, study stuffs, sharing and everything. I’m not expressive and I’d rather not bother. But here’s a bag full of hello’s for them in case they’d long for our nearly-forgotten tie. Nothing will ever change.

The Apple of my Eye

You don’t know how much you inspire me right now. Big thanks to you, now I have to reflect on myself, my life and who I want to be.


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