Angels of the Sick Room

You’ll find one of the greatest experiences as a nurse when you are in a government hospital. So here I am, in a government hospital, as a ward nurse. The Obstetrics and Gynecology department has set an extraordinary dispute for me.  Well, being a part of a government institution will really bring out the best and worst in you. The legendary word “toxic” has been one of the most intriguing terms we, hospital people utilize nowadays. Well, I’m not certain if this is evident in some other places here in the Philippines but here in our place, we used to associate this term to almost every encounter in the hospital. It is not merely your vocabulary skills that are being utilized, but as well as your values and self perception. You will develop into a more responsible and independent individual, and will become a more accountable health care provider. You’ll grow holistically, together with the growing clients you are to cooperate with. Stressors will be there and will greatly challenge you from time to time so be sure to have your nerves all stretched out, because snaps are very apparent especially when the situation calls you to become who you don’t want to be. Such workplace issues will really come out, but it won’t be there forever. Patience is really a virtue.


Reality says you are no captain of the ship, so as a rule, being a NEWBIE is really hard. First day of work seems to be the hardest part of it. You don’t know anyone and at the same time, you don’t know what to do. Standing behind everyone or looking for a nearly-empty space enough for your body to fit in would be the most appropriate task. That is to make sure you are not blocking anyone else’s way, or interrupt a busy work rushing by. This is also a perfect time to make use of all your senses. You have to alert your neurons for every deed that might be tossed so that you could catch a piece of it like a dog trying to fetch a piece of wood. Then one successful deed would be a hint that you are being welcomed. By this time, questions inside your empty mind can now be raised. It is important to look for a person whose aura’s the same as yours. Just like what I’ve said, senses have to work in here. As expected, errors are very evident as a full-time first-timer. So you have to expand your heart and open your mind for negative feedbacks and side-comments because it is natural. Don’t take it seriously, but never take things for granted. You’ll only need to learn the routine.

RESPECT is one huge point to consider. Whether you have spent so many years in the field or just a drifting newbie, respect each other. There is no need to elaborate this issue because respect is almost a guiding virtue to all of us. The only problem is, we find it hard to pay attention to what this virtue is telling us. That is why we get trouble such as workplace issues, although the truth tells us that giving respect is as difficult as earning it.

Piece of Advice: PIRATES of the BAY

We are all going to meet buccaneers in our lives, but it is up to us if we are going to allow them set up the trails for us. These people may have personality issues left unsettled that is why they act that way, so you don’t have any reason to allow their radiating traits destroy you and affect your performance. They might really get into our nerves and we may settle things out at the right place and situation. Remember, they are like the tiny devil creature on top of our one shoulder making devilish murmurs and with just a snap of a finger you’re hypnotized and then, the next thing you’ll know is that you lost everything you have. So, beware.


As nurses, particularly Filipino Nurses, we are branded as resourceful angels of the sickroom. Being in a third world country, it is very hard to automatically lift our standards when it comes to health care delivery system. The whole process is a step by step progression and will really need a full cooperation and the collaborative efforts of all- government and those who are in the medical field. How Filipino nurses are able to keep up with the world’s standards is somehow distressing, but somehow, you’ll come to a point wherein you’ll realize you will be amazed as to how it is being done and carried out. That although what has been done is not the ideal, still, it was rendered with the utmost care and considerations. Remember, some of our government hospitals lack nurses and other health care providers when you consider a whole bunch of patients being admitted on a specific area/ward. This is the perfect time when the nurses can utilize what is only available.


  1. All about Intravenous Thing Issue
  • Sometimes, we lack IV stands to carry the suffering arms of patients receiving intravenous hydration and medications.

–          (So nurses make use of side windows or anything that could be used to hang the IV fluid just to ensure that the principle of gravity is still followed) Not ideal, but acceptable.

  • Not all patients can afford to buy Intravenous fluids, set and cannula.

–          (So we seek extra supplies from other areas or wards, if available, and there are also instances that can-afford patients donate their unused/extra IV fluids to be used by other patients.) Not ideal, but helpful.

  1. Supposedly Beds of Comfort
  • Not all beds can be raised to a certain degree of height to assist patient in its positioning needs.

–          (So pillows, bags and blankets/rolled sheets are being used instead of raising the bed. Provided that patient is still comfortable in such position.)

  • Not all beds have side rails.

–          (So we make use of a chair nearby and make sure that a relative is close at a distance to watch over the patient.)


Being a nurse is really a challenge, especially when you are in the field. Sometimes, instances such as being underestimated by doctors and patients are inevitable. The idea of handmaids of doctors and/or surgeons is not applicable nowadays. Actually, nurses are doctors’ associates and bridges to patients. This is one thing patients must understand. It is hard to appear a patient advocate to your own patient. During our hard days of work, there are instances that patients and their relatives tend to put up remarkable issues about health care delivery. In as much as we all wanted to make things rapidly done for every patient we are dealing with, we just can’t do that that effortlessly. We are no super humans who can do several things at a time. Somehow, we have to prioritize. We do not choose patients to serve, we prioritize. Sometimes, we might be scolded by doctors for some queries but we don’t mind, because we know our patient needs to be referred no matter how simple the problem is.


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