Christmas Love and Reasons

Indeed, I love Christmas season.

The season of unexpected joy and the general feeling it brings about. It makes each and everyone in a special condition wherein, no one is being left behind. It is the only thing that makes the world celebrate, happening once in a year, taking place all at the same time.

I love how the “ber” months start, and I love how it is being talked about with all the plans and preparations. I love the naissance of Christmas songs that tickles one’s heart. I love how the people find time to put in the decorations. I love how Christmas thoughts are being spread, all the caring and forgiveness. Sharing, laughter, people come around and miss each other. I love to see Christmas stuffs in stores and in every corner of the state. I love how people smile for no reason but this year’s season. Loving is intimate. I love countdowns of months into days, and hours into minutes and finally seconds. And the changing views of different places. I love the birth of lights and cheers. I love Christmas fireworks and presentations. I love the month-long night caroling. I love the story of Santa Claus, Rudolf and Frosty. I love how unadorned houses turn into houses of love. I love the spirit of sharing. I love parties. I love gifts and wrapped stuffs. I love the Christmas tree. I love all the sweets and those that will make me fat. I love the society, as it temporarily changes into a society that gives more when they have nothing enough at hand to give. I love how people make me feel. Friends, family, work buddies, neighbors… everyone. I love the spirit around, why everything is appreciated more, that I do not know. It’s like a work of magic when it’s really not. I love why we really celebrate Christmas in our place; I love the story of Jesus and I love to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I love “Simbang Gabi’s” and how the community enjoys being with each other, eating breakfast after the mass. I love Christmas songs being sung by the choir. It’s uplifting my soul. I love hopes that arise in everyone’s heart, enough to face the upcoming year ahead. I love to see myself being loved and loving more. I so love Christmas!! =)

I’m thankful and I don’t have regrets. God has been so good to me, and I’ll do all in my capacity to share back the blessings that were bestowed on me. I’ll do my best to be better! J

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas Season!! J

Merry Christmas, people! ^_^


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