Take it from the Heart of a Letran

I was once an RCY Member, and as a volunteer, I find small joys being with those who have a heart to extend their arms to the needy. Such a promise to human race, wherein, though you haven’t got anything much to give, you still find even the simplest task to help in your own simple ways.

I am a LETRAN. So-called the Praning-Awawu Batch.

I belong to the 32rd Batch of Leaders and let me share to you our Batch’s song:

32nd batch song

We came all this place
from different world, where
we share different lives, and
different dreams

and look the place where
dream find
a change
and we still sharing
laughter despite the fight


if we all start within
ourselves today
someday our dreams will
be reality
because from this day on
were getting near
maybe from this day on,
were getting near
let’s start from here….

when all this youthful days
are almost over, all that
we can keep our memories;
of friends we take of
friendship we made and
an RCY leader to stop the cry….

(Repeat Chorus)


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