Human Nature

There are people who, when they are down, raise a hue and cry about a thousand and one injustices, but who, when they are up, do the same injustices they first raved about. The poor complain about the rich, the disinterested about the favored, the ruled about the rulers. Human nature is human nature, and when the low become elevated and the obscure rise to authority and power, the complaints vanish though the safe injustices be still there. Never mind the other fellow if he is in the gutter where once we were ourselves. Spirit of little men!

The truly great, no matter to what heights they attain, never forget that below are countless men and women crawling, bleeding, crying out for the light denied them, by the more fortunate of their fellows. The truly great never forget this great mass of humanity, for it is this great mass of unknown men and women who are the very source of their strength and their greatness. In their most sacred moments, they commune with the spirit and aspirations of the very least men and women. That is why the great are great.

– from the Olympian Heights


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