On the Cover: February Ruminations

On the Cover

Learning is a continuous process and failure is part of it. Trying lessens worries and misconceptions. You belong in a world full of complexities, and experiences will teach you that it is not enough to know. You’ll grow as a person in the process. And there will be always a possibility to re-experience the same failures you’ve had in the past. Despite the chaos, all is well. You’ll just have to believe in yourself, that your life is a big picture puzzle, and every time you fall, a piece of it will be left out, teaching you where it must be placed in your puzzle. And it will be there forever, not just a piece of the puzzle, but a lesson you’ll never forget.

Life is hard, yes. But you’ll have to live with it, live by it and live it. We can only learn to make it simple, not simpler.


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