Meet my Perri Love

She is Perri, and her Filipino name is Ligaya. She is a stray cat and she is my pet. She was only a kitten when she first arrived here. She was thin and black and white. I started feeding her but she was afraid to mingle with us on her first two days of hide-and-seek activity. But after a while, she was able to get through. She stayed at our dirty kitchen and started playing around. She loves tiny stuffs knotted on a rope and runs after it to catch it. She likes running and jumping. I taught her how to jump on surfaces that is why she never learned those cat skills on a natural way. Not a good thing. Fortunately, she learned how to jump on high surfaces just recently. At least I would not have to rescue her again whenever she’s trapped somewhere else during flood days. She has a facebook account so if you are interested, just befriend her (Kittee Perri).

She is the world’s sweetest cat. After work, I usually see her rushing towards me. She loves my feet. She would place her head on my feet and would turn around like a rolling log and would start playing with me. That is our routine and playing with her relieves my stress. On a non-working day or my day-off, I would find this time to sit on our stairs with her sitting beside me also. We’re like real time best friends and I love her so much.

I uberly love you, my Perri. ❤


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