People of Today: On Crab Mentality

Crab Mentality. This has been the biggest challenge among the youths of this generation. Or should I say the biggest challenge of all individuals who are at the starting point of their field, who are on top of their career and for those who have the potential to always succeed. It is a way of thinking that is very destructive and is best described in the phrase: “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. (Wikipedia) If you could just imagine crabs in the same pot wherein one of them tries to escape but instead of moving out, it is being pulled down by the rest of the crabs. This kind of thinking sucks. The youth of today is far more eager to do a lot of things than before, and trying to let them re-experience the same things by which the older generations have experienced before would not be a very useful manner at all. This kind of attitude is very evident in almost all kind of life situation. People are somewhat bound to the notion that whoever has the longest years of struggle or terms of service must be the one who’ll be prioritized first or whoever is  just starting out has no right to attempt to achieve something far more advanced than anybody else. And even your simple wish to experience something new is something to be bothered about by these people. If you were not able to achieve something you’re dying to accomplish, then it was merely your fault. You were not brave enough to at least detach yourself from the rest of them who would prefer to stay dumped forever rather than to help each other on their way up. Remember that the beginning is always the hardest part of it, but it is never an option to give up on something just because you don’t know anything. Our knowledge on things and the skills that we opt to have will never be enough. That is why there is no such thing as the end of success. Haven’t you noticed that once we succeed on something, we tend to discover another kind of learning?  Our life is but a cycle of continuous success, a never-ending hunt and exploration for something new. Each one of us has an equal right to accomplish something so everyone has no right to preclude another person to succeed. Move forward! The world has a lot to offer to all of us.



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