The First Journey Ends in Here

My OB-Gyne Ward Family

I will never forget the memories of you. The friendships, the learning, the failures and everything that made me who I am right now.

I’m happy that I spent almost a year with you. I was able to serve and share something out of my own, with the least and the best that I could do.

I’m sorry for my shortcomings and thank you for giving me the best people whom I can get the best lessons in this journey.

I’m sorry for not being cheerful sometimes and for being so serious that might have bothered you at times. I am not into something so personal, I’m like this all my life.

Thank you for changing something in me.

You taught me how to handle situations I thought I will never learn how to manage. You made me realize how things can go smoothly when your mind thinks clearly in times of stressful situation.

You taught me how to handle patients w ell. You were my heroes.

You’ve given me the chance to show what I’ve got and what I could really do. I was surprised to my self. I commend you for being the best teachers in my first year of life as a nurse. A job well done.

I cried at those times when I was being scolded. But I did not expect that it will make me stronger and better. So now, I could easily let go of bitter times, improve myself and move on. And the best part of this is that, I can now laugh at my own mistakes.

I never thought that learning could be this fast. Like everything is too good to be true. There’s no such thing as an easy ward to people who knows how to care. You say the work is easy. Yes. To those who still don’t know why they were called to the nursing profession.

Thank you so much, Ob-Gyne Ward! It was a fulfilling experience to be with you.




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