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Day Off

Where do I go from here?


There are days when I choose not to think of what this life has to offer, and those precious moments are the greatest, and also the cheapest (second to books) vacation I could give to myself, just to be free from all the pressures, the criticisms, the false expectations, hopes and missed friendships. Those times when I do not have to explain for all my actions, times when I also have to deal with my weaknesses and imperfections, and so I do not have to explain my mistakes, like cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Those days when bad days and good days are just the same. Those days when life is neutral, when breathing isn’t a need for it becomes a choice, when all this life’s ups and downs are just pulling you back to where you should belong (comfort zone).

I badly need a break.


Mentally, physically and emotionally. Now, it is easy to say that “I’m tired already”. It is not giving up though, but a realization that sometimes, I need time to break free and be broken all at the same time, since work has been very overwhelming lately, and so are workmates and acquaintances. I must be really very tired.

5th of December, 2012//insideamoronsbrain


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