RN Heals 4 Interview Proper: A Venture

My mother woke me up early yesterday because it will be my first formal interview for the slot I’m hoping for as one of the lucky registered nurses who will be part (hopefully) of the RN Heals 4 or Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Services, Batch 4. RN heals Project was made then to mobilize registered nurses in identified areas in the Philippines where improvement in the health care services is needed… that is, making the services needed by Filipinos, available to all Filipinos.

For a clearer understanding of this project, here are the guidelines. //Source on Page.


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Rush, Morning. Rush!

The application, the examination and the interview. They were all in our prayers. We were raised by our parents in this kind of thought that in everything that we do, in every struggle, in every undertakings… all of them must be offered to God, for He might not take care of those things that we truly desire, but He’ll always bring us closer to what we truly deserve.

It was indeed one of the happiest moments in my life, to see my mother smile with content and with the hope that maybe, all our hardships are finally paying off. She had her usual morning prayer and I’m quite sure I was included in it and she was more excited to see me on my sweet, casual attire for the interview. I’ve had my breakfast on time by which my father prepare earlier that day. I took my long usual bath to make me feel more confident though I’m feeling more agitated as time goes by.

The Chronicles of Waiting 

I arrived just on time, but a lot of interviewees were on the room (waiting area) already, sitting beside each other waiting for the roll call. As I passed by the four chairs near the waiting area, my heart started beating so fast. I know that I must be calm so I’ve decided to pray and look for a familiar face. There they are! My college classmates and friends and a workmate.

The roll call started at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning and everyone looked more agitated and apprehensive. Some looked pale but thank God nobody ever fainted. Some were confident enough to make me feel more jittery. It was as if all my senses are failing. Several names were called to sit there outside the room where the interview was going on. It was a two-part interview. The first one was a panel interview, which consists of 5 panelists (Chief Nurse and the Hospital’s Nursing Heads, the Chief of Clinics, and the Head of the RN Heals Program). The second interview was an interview with the Chief of Hospital. I could not imagine the situation inside that room, it made my extremities cold and clammy but I tried to keep that feeling to a minimum so I could concentrate later on. Good thing one interviewee brought a bag full of chocolates. We did not hesitate to ask for some since it was already 11 o’clock and we were still there inside waiting for our names to be called. That is aside from the fact that we’re hungry already. I could not taste the chocolate.

The Interview Proper

HULAR! <said the voice> Wait. HULAR. It’s my surname. Finally, I’m being called to go inside the room.

The panelists looked serious as I entered the room, and yet the feeling was accommodating. No smiles were seen but still I consistently gave them mine. As questions were raised, I tried to answer sincerely, confidently and honestly. Several things and issues were tackled, which I hope I’ve given my point clearly. Some questions were tricky, some appeared to be some kind of a trap, but I’ve had my humble responses to each of the questions. I hope I was able to let them feel that I really want to be part of the RN Heals Program with good intentions.

Our interview with the Chief of Hospital were then re-scheduled in the afternoon since it’s already 12 noon. It turned out fine, I guess, but no assurance were givento each one of us. Suddenly, the feeling was neutral. It will make you realize something really important. The interview really served its purpose. 😉

It was a great experience to be part of this undertaking. I’m still  hoping to be part of the RN Heals Batch 4, but if I will not be chosen, it will be fine for me. Rest assured I’ll apply & integrate the things that I’ve learned from the interview to my everyday work in the hospital.



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