I am truly distracted by the way how some people treat me. Work has been so distressing lately and I don’t know how I am still able to appear happy and stirred. The truth is, I die a little inside every time I see myself tied up in a group of unfamiliar souls, so loud and bouncy, whose names I can’t even remember. I may not be so candid about it but who the hell cares about being forthright when you are actually busy getting yourself out of a fraud. I don’t understand why some people try to haunt you for things you are not accountable for. It’s hard to face the people who repeatedly throws the pieces of the past right in front of you, in any manner that is unpleasant to you. It hurts when you realize that what you can only do is to accept the beating even if deep within your wounded soul, you thirst for revenge. It truly breaks my heart to see myself, though emotionally broken, in front of things and people I still have to confront and deal with every day. I can’t always ask sympathy from people because it’s not something you demand and expect from them. People will not be there at times you’re down on your knees and people won’t even care. Sometimes, you have to go through a certain situation no matter how frightening and demoralizing that situation may be. I am greatly discouraged and I fear I may lose everything that I worked hard for in just a snap of a finger, but I have to do my best still even if it will never be just enough now. I have to handle prejudice and criticism and accept that things could actually turn against me at instances I’m not aware of. It’s a bit unfair but I have to be comfortable with life’s uncertainties right now. I’m tired and stressed out (emotionally) but I have to be strong.


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