A Good Start

Last year, I was at the lowest point in my life. The experience was not just difficult, it was agonizing.  As I try to remember every single details of it, I can’t help but feel dejected and shattered all at the same time. Every day was a torture, to work in an appalling environment and to be with the people whom I thought were worthy of my trust. I was weak because I was not able to defend myself. I was a victim, yet I have faced the consequences of the ill actions and behaviors of those who are in the authority. Everybody doubted (even the good people) and everybody believed them, of course. I was just a litter in their way. That day, I realized how petty I was in the profession where I devote myself into. I have finally grasped the idea that people’s iniquity is a real thing even in the nursing profession and is buried under the current issues of the profession.

But I have totally moved on. I choose to focus on my career and to push myself to have that courage to face each day with the hope that anything that I intend to accomplish would not harm other people. I am still willing to help other people in any way I can and I forgive all those people who have offended me. This day, I am shutting this portion of my life, totally ending the most miserable chapter of my own story and do all things I am capable of for the glory of God, who gave me strength when it felt like the world turned its back on me. I am blessed.



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