Go for an afternoon jog two times in a week. Alone. I have these days when I feel like doing this stuff alone because I do not want to end up eating and regretting afterwards. This usually happens when I’m with my friends.

When things get really, really boring, I hit the rough roads for biking. And I make sure that my friends in Emergency Department are aware of it. I also take note of the surgery resident on duty. The last time I have done this, it was on a highway! I almost cried but it was FUN! A lesser life-threatening kind of biking exists, which is at the boulevard, with friends and most of the time, it’s unplanned.

Days spent just-for-ASC-related kind of bustle. Recently, this category was added to my reasons for being absent and late. (DO NOT TELL ANYONE) And geez, this is the most valid excuse ever! I call this “rush around days”, when the most important and useful part of my body is my adrenaline hormone. I usually get the important calls, messages and reminders when it’s raining hard (EXCELLENT SIGNAL), Globe’s having some network issues (GREAT), I’m assisting in major, four to five-hour surgeries (I’M HOPELESS), attending mass and asleep – circumstances that are not in favor of me.

Clean my room and my email. Cleaning the room, I believe, is a usual thing for everyone with, of course, a mother who is surprisingly lurking in the corners of your room or in places where you do not expect a mother should be standing awkwardly, reciting the tasks she has in mind for you to accomplish. Email is as muddled as my room during weekends. Believe it or not, I spend two separate days for each.

Spend time with my boys. I have three of ‘em: Pepper, Hollie and Tigger but don’t get me wrong, all are cats. Sometimes, when I’m too fed up with people, I rush to them. I enjoy their purrs (the sound you hear when you’re near them and they sound like compliments) and meows. I also enjoy their play (to clear things out, I do not join them) but I don’t like it when they go beyond the limits. I usually end up getting them back (do not imagine how) every time they cross (jump on, fly?) and reach (I don’t know how as well) our neighbor’s roof just to hunt (ugh) for birds.

Run away from cockroaches. Do not ask why, it’s a way of life. A cockroach is a cockroach. Flying or not, there’s no such thing as clean and lovable cockroach! EEEEEEK (Also applicable for insects). Ohm, they get the hell out of me.

Buy pens. I do not know why, but I have this obsession with pens – that every after my morning shift, I buy one.

Check ups. (Dentist, EENT and Derma) I’m all after discounts and some really nice view. Lels. (Just kidding)

Do “teacher” stuff. Since both my mum and sis are teachers, on weekends and during my day off(s) and double offs, I get their exam papers and some other teaching materials done! And the nicest part of it is that I get a reward afterwards, usually a dine-out treat or a new book or a new stuff. Yeeeeey. :3

Another “teacher” stuff. I also have separate tutoring schedule, only English and Tagalog (Bicol included), to two Lebanese fellas.

Sleep. I’ll never get tired of sleeping!

Unplanned meet ups. These are the nights for bad stuff, but only limited to drinks and pigging out. 😉

Attend birthdays, fiestas included. I hate birthdays every month or friends having birthdays in a month. Ugh. This is an ultimate bankrupt alert! Well in contrast, I love fiestas. Food, transportation and accommodation are free and all you have to do is to be present, smile to every stranger (FC-I’m good at it), look for a place or chair, talk to friends and eat!

Of course, let us not forget the so-called daily chores that my books (when I was a kid) told me to do because it would make me a good person. (–,) No explanations needed.

Chat time! Spending hours on Facebook, Twitter and some other social networking sites in which I have an account, keeping in touch with friends, bothering people (includes you) and doing some work-related stuff. I also enjoy reading nice articles on web, checking out movies to watch out for, downloading movies and songs and many more. And well, publish something on my personal blog.

Drink coffee. (Usually in the morning or late in the afternoon)

Read nice books. Freak zone. I love reading books mainly thrillers, non-fiction, action adventure, series, “teens”. What’s new? My GOOD friends introduced me to the new adult genre/category world. So yes, I’m done with Fifty Shades, Sylvia Day’s The Crossfire Series and the like.

Take long baths. This is the main reason why our water bill is remarkable.

Climb on a hill. Good thing there are a lot of hills to climb here for days when I want to get lost and get the shit out of my life. You know, after a stressful week at work, or just for a bad day. Bring a friend of course. And money. And water.

Eat out. There must always be time for this. No matter what. Hahahaha


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