How It All Began: My 2014 Journey Part I

Like what they always say, a journey of a thousand miles (truly) begins with a single step. The year 2014 was a promising year for me. It was a year of bold hopes and aspirations that brought me to where I am today.

The Point of No Return

I cannot deny that I had been through the worst, and it took time for me to get myself out of the ignominy my profession has brought to my life for the past years. I know that I cannot change everything that was bound to happen, but I chose to face the repercussions with dignity. And I had no regrets.

A career opportunity overseas knocked on my door last year. Though I am in a quandary, I still decided to take pot luck because it was a no brainer – it was the only choice I had, and perhaps the best. So, I took an indefinite leave from work and it was the hardest decision I had to make that time because I know there’s no turning back. I applied a position in a hospital in the United Kingdom.

The First Step is always the Hardest

I said yes. It was the first time that I have decided something good for myself, and I did it without considering the opinions of others. It was fairly contemplated; a cherry picked option and wisely opted for. I have taken all the considerations and I knew then that I have made the right choice.

Honestly though, I had no idea as to where I’m bound to go, but somehow, it was a form of escape. It was something new yet terrifying because it was not easy to let them know about your plans to change directions – not when they expect you to stay where you are and do everything to keep aspiring for the position they thought I’d get in time. It’s sad to know that in the nursing profession, you need strong connections – things that I do not have.

Though we just have enough money to sustain a living, my parents have considered it as an investment and supported me financially. I knew they had doubts and it was a risk on their part but I’m thankful that they ignored the uncertainties that kept us from moving forward.

To Start Right, is to Do Things Right

Everyone started as equal applicants. I truly admire how English countries study their applicants scrupulously and with no evidence of biased decision – they never follow a shotgun approach. Indeed, everything that is worthy is something you don’t get easily.

There were two preliminary requirements for the applicants to qualify. First, an applicant must be a registered nurse or volunteer with at least one year of clinical experience in a tertiary hospital and next, an applicant must be an IELTS passer. The latter was something that I have not earned yet and acquiring it marked the beginning of my journey to become a UKRN.


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