Chewing the Cud


I am thankful that this year, I get to celebrate the Christmas season with my family, and believe it or not, I truly mean it. Even though this year has been very unpromising when it comes to my career, I can still say that I am not as hapless as what others think I am. I choose not to consider this setback as a misfortune-though there are many reasons why I should-because I know that difficulties don’t last for always. To be honest, I still find it hard to accept that things did not turn out well. I’m a dissembler if I say that it’s fine, when it’s not. Everything went smoothly and perfectly…who ever thought that it would all doom into failure? Well, everybody will have the same thoughts if they are in my position right now. Everyone can be  mawkishly sentimental at it just like how I’m feeling for a couple of months now, but I’m certain that it’s normal and inevitable. I know that I have to go on despite of life’s uncertainties, and eventually let go of the things that are beyond my grasp. I have to trust God, especially in times like this, when I’m losing my confidence in everything. I may become vulnerable and weak, but I know God will guide and lead me back to where I should be. I think that’s what this setback is trying to show me. I have to keep the faith.


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