6 Life Lessons from Nurses


  1. Life is a luxury. More often than not, your nurse friends have a deeper perspective about life. They have become more punctilious in every aspect of their living because they know that life is not something you can keep for a lifetime, and they know exactly how it can be taken away from you, especially at times when you least expect it. Try everything you want while you still can. Go to places you’ve never been before and enjoy yourself even more. Find your routine to serve as a ploy for you to balance your “busy” work. Nurses are busy people too, but they get their work done efficiently and thus have time to do what they want and get a life. 😉
  2. Don’t trust everything you see and hear. A hospital is not just a place for your typical medical cases, it is also overwhelmed with cases of daily hassles and gossips. Being critical is an important lesson that you can get from nurses, but not to the point of becoming judgemental. Nurses know that there’s an underlying reason for every complaint and mishap, which is why they carefully investigate further to fairly rectify the situation they’re facing. It is therefore important to verify the things you’ve been getting from people around you. These days, false accusations are evident and people easily jump into conclusions, which stirs up conflicts and feud. Always know the truth behind the words and actions to avoid hurting others.
  3. At work: Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.  Some nurses, unlike other professionals and co-nurses, value their work more than their time off. In reality, nursing is one of the most unpromising careers that we have today and the odds of getting the chance to fairly practice the profession is somewhat bleak for reasons I need not to elaborate. So, getting a short-term contract with few/no benefits is always better than having nothing at all. Since work isn’t always there for them, they do their duties well and to the best of their abilities to serve their clients. They don’t get fussy about their workloads and you hardly hear them complain about work. Despite of the circumstances, they are surprisingly dedicated to the task at hand. Work is something we usually take for granted. We’re too busy complaining that we forget to do our tasks efficiently and effectively. If you do not want it, then drop it, so others would have the chance to try it out. But if you think that you’ll get something from it, no matter how taxing the job is, do your very best. It’s either you give up or go on. There’s no in between to succeed in your chosen field. There’s no way you can thrive in your career halfhearted.
  4. You got your own back. Ever wondered why nurses can do almost anything? It’s because they are used to do things on their own. They seek help once in awhile but most of the time, they do their stuff all by themselves – and it is a good thing to consider. You allow yourself to make decisions and commit mistakes, and you learn from them. You become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The more stressful the situation you’re facing, the more you are capable of handling the problems that will come into your life. You’ll become more comfortable at dealing with your own demons. You learn to think independently and decisively that you would never have to worry about what’s in store for you because you know you can always count on yourself. Never underestimate your capabilities. Always, always bet on yourself!
  5. Travel reasonably. Ironically, despite of their shifting schedule and limited time outside of work, nurses are fond of traveling. They always make time for such pleasure to grab the opportunity to escape the pressure from work. But not all travels have to be modish, sometimes even a simple trekking can be as exciting as the other pricey trips we all engage in. That is when the nurses’ practicality comes in. Their practicality sometimes sucks, but it can save you from bungles. They always have something in mind to turn a simple trip into a thrilling one. They plan ahead of time and have substitutes to everything. They know the best places for every occasion and the most delish edibles without costing an arm and a leg in the payer’s part. Traveling isn’t about how much you’ve spent or how popular your destination is. It does not have to be extravagant. People nowadays go to places just to have something to post on their social media accounts, swanking about the sought-after places they’ve been. Traveling must be some kind of an experience that one can treasure for the rest of their lives.
  6. Habits change into character. As we all know, not all habits are bad, but not all habits are good either. Nurses are exposed to different habits and routines in their workplaces, and some are like rituals that they need to conform to in order to fit in. These practices are not new to us. Every profession has this kind of pattern that everyone should follow. Not all nurses uphold these workplace norms especially if those practices do not benefit the patients and just threaten inept and timid nurses. Remember that you don’t always have to conform. Have the courage to do what is right and always choose to do it even if others don’t. You are what you repeatedly do, and that is what will define you. Good habits breed good character.



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