26, Trying


Life changes at 26. You become more aware of the things you never cared for when you were 25. You begin to love new things, places and people. Your insights and interests are now based on your circumstances and not because the society tells you so. You still have your own conflicts but you learn how to deal with them. You begin to understand people and their own conduct and situation. Sometimes, you become selfless, but there are times when you fight for your worth, and your indecisiveness will bear more confusion and hate but you no longer allow others to interfere with your life. You know now that promises can’t be kept at all times and that’s okay. You learn to give chances to people and to yourself. You know too well that you cannot really trust anyone in this world but you still do, because you realized that since people have their own unique battles, the only thing that you could give to them, more than mere respect and understanding, is your genuine trust. You let go of people and feelings, and feelings towards people. You do not hold on for so long anymore. Lying is still a bad thing, but still the best option sometimes. You learn how to say sorry when you are wrong. You realize that love isn’t a real thing until you really experienced how to be loved dearly and clearly. And it’s a completely different feeling.

Now, you really are becoming a better version of yourself, and you know that people might not understand what’s happening within you. This is just the beginning so do not stop trying. Even if they leave you behind, do not stop trying. Even if they choose to ignore you, let it all happen, because at 26, life is trying to show you which paths to take. It gives you now the subtle options as to what kind of person you ought to be, and it depends on you and how you see and deal with the situation around you.  You’ll be surprised to see the kinds of people your soul is being attached to. People will define you but it does not matter, and it will never matter in the end. Just make more mistakes and learn from them. No one can truly know life so just live it the way you want it and learn from everything that will not work. Do not listen to people when it comes to yourself. They will never know.


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