My Side of England


I can see gray clouds on top of me, moving swiftly, clouding over abruptly. Creating an illusion that only I can spy, like things that match saplings and lively conifers nearby. 

I can see the hands of the trees that happily wave at me, with varying shades of brown, juniper and hunter green. The birds on top fly in a chaotic jumble, and at times slapped by the wild winds and dusts right before my very eyes.

I can see scenic rooftops and chimney stacks that look familiar, and walls made up of cold bricks and old, styling moss. The windows are layered with white plain curtains and wooden blinds, which cast only moving shadows every night.

I can see the faraway horizon from my dusty glass window, but not the very object that’s suppose to rise and set on it. And every shrubbery and landscaped vistas seem to conceal, the existing life and beauty that await, and that are hidden from me.

I can see the danger and beauty of emptiness wherever I go. From the noiseless streets that slowly and silently kill my mind and soul; and to the complex roads and lonely distant paths I take, which somehow tell me to get lost and stay.

I wonder how this desolation can become so pleasant to bear, in a matter of three hundred and something olding days. Where stillness brings vibrance to my dull and hectic hours, this, probably is the kind of England that I truly love.

Insideamoronsbrain, 21 Feb 17


The Wrong People

We all have a certain point in our lives when we are deeply engaged to our kind of people. We tend to do a lot of stuff together, share the same thoughts, interests, life situations and even dreams and aspirations. We become aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We experience a sense of security and loyalty wherein, it allows us to wear our heart on our sleeves. Their problems become our own, in the same way that they had accepted our struggles as theirs, before we even realized it.

It is indeed ironic to say that our kind of people (or the ones we spend most of our time with) may be the wrong people in our lives. The thought that there is the particular need for something that will completely fill the spaces and gaps in our personality is misleading us from the real reason why we actually accept people to come into our lives.

Are we the ones who work the system? We must be aware that there are people who would not care to use us in so many ways just for their own advantage because we might lose ourselves in the end.  Our own weak points make us vulnerable to iniquitous behaviors of others, like the people who come into our lives with ulterior motives. Those who have been lending their hands for years now would ask something beyond our capacity in the end. And since we are aware of the things that we are incapable of, hence our limitations, we tend to seek help to these wrong people who have this common wicked thought that beggars can’t be choosers. And when the time comes when we realize our own potentials, it is always the shoemaker’s son who always goes barefoot. We tend to return the good favors to the wrong people.

The idea that we are actually surrounded by these people is indeed hard to swallow. The trick of the trade is that, we need to know our worth, and that the worth of others is not different from ours. We will meet these kinds of people all throughout our lives and the truth is; we cannot avoid such sort of personalities. But we can definitely choose from them. Do not confuse your feelings and interests with other people. If it is not your cup of tea then do not indulge much. It is probably just a waste of everything you’ve got. Never put your eggs in one basket because it will never be worth it in the end.

Let us not spend our lives with the wrong people!